I am a PhD candidate in political science at The George Washington University. My research interests include political violence, civil wars, and international security. In my doctoral dissertation, I explore the timing and scale of civilian victimization in conventional civil wars by conducting mixed method research on the Korean War. Based on extensive primary and secondary sources, I built an original county-month panel dataset with 6156 observations. My dissertation project received generous support from the Association for Asian Studies, the Sigur Center for Asian Studies, and the Department of Political Science at The George Washington University.

Beyond the dissertation, I conducted research that explores the impact of an army’s combat effectiveness on its counterinsurgency (COIN) outcomes by focusing on South Korean COIN experience before and during the Korean War; this study is currently under review at a peer-reviewed journal. I am also performing a statistical analysis that investigates the treatment of prisoners of war during the Korean War by expanding the large-N dataset from my dissertation project.

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